The Aljubarrota Battle And It’s Contemporary Heritage

Título: The Aljubarrota Battle And It’s Contemporary Heritage
Autor: Luís Adão da Fonseca, João Gouveia Monteiro e Maria Cristina Pimenta
Editor: © 2020, Arc Humanities Press, Leeds

Idioma: Inglês

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This book presents, for the first time in English, an overview of the decisive Battle of Aljubarrota (1385), the most importante military moment in Portuguese history. The authors embody the conflict in the contexto of Iberian relations during the fourteenth century, and integrate the battle in the macro European conflict of the Hundred Years War and the repercussions for Iberia, particularly Castile and Portugal. They go on to reflect on the political and diplomatic implications of the Anglo-Portuguese aliance, regarded as a turning point in the establishment of a national identity and myth. Finally and uniquely, the book concludes with a presentation of how the battlefield site is preserved today and how to convey the medieval site to new generations.

Supported by the CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network, European Medieval Battlefields is a exciting, new, curated series. Each of the monographs will presente na overview of a key European battle in the medieval era. As well as describing the strategy and outcome of the battle itself, the authors will place the conflict within the wider history of the European continente. They go on to discuss the relevance of the battle and the battlesite in contemporary memory and myth-making, and conclude by examining how this heritage is preserved and conveyed to new gererations.

Luís Adão da Fonseca is a Full Professor and Researcher in the Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society at Oporto University, Portugal.

João Gouveia Monteiro is Full Professor at the University of Coimbra, Researcher in the Centre for the History of Society and Culture at the University of Coimbra, and Researcher in the Centre for History at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Maria Cristina Pimenta is a Researcher in the Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society, University of Oporto, Portugal.

Cover image:
“Portuguese and English armies defeating a French vanguarda of the King of Castile (at Aljubarrota).” Illuminated miniature, ca. 1470-1480, from bk.4, chap.14 of the Anciennes et nouvelles chroniques d´Angleterre, by Jean de Wavrin. From London, Bristish Library, MS Royal 14.E.IV,fol.204r (reproduced with permission).
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The Aljubarrota Battle And It's Contemporary Heritage






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